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If you are a green business, health & wellness practitioner or clinic, or offer a related service, we have a spot for you.
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Speakers and writers are vital to sharing the message of green, healthy living. Let us help promote you to the world.
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There are lots of people looking for what you offer...can they find you? At EarthWell we help give you that visibility.


The new resource for Health & Wellness... for Sustainable Lifestyles... for Life.

EarthWell.Life is under development as part of the growing EarthWell organization and network of websites. When completed the site will feature multiple directories of health & wellness practioners as well as green businesses, news, information on living a life of health & wellness and more.

If you are a green business, health & wellness practitioner, speaker, school, spa or retreat we encourage you to join the EarthWell organization. Learn more about EarthWell and all the benefits we offer.